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If you’re interested in upping your level of preparedness by learning how to legally carry a handgun for self-defense, consider our CCW classes. Certified instructors will discuss the legal requirements to carry a weapon, appropriate levels of force, and the legal ramifications of having to draw or use your weapon in real-life scenarios. If you have never shot a handgun before, please consider taking our First Time Shooter Solo or First Time Shooter Couple course to enhance your handgun knowledge.

The course is eight (8) hours and exceeds requirements needed for a concealed carry permit in Ohio, as well as many other states. It will build confidence in safe firearm handling and develop personal responsibility for your safety and well-being. This class will qualify you to apply for Concealed Carry permits in over 34 states (FL and NH non-resident). You have the option of taking the whole course in one 8 hour class.

You will have the ability to name, explain and demonstrate the rules for safe handling and storage of a firearm and ammunition.
You will have the ability to demonstrate grip, stance, and target acquisition.
You will demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to protect yourself and your family.
We will give strong opinions based on our law enforcement and former training experiences.
We will cover firearm types, caliber choices, ammunition choices, and carry methods.
We also show methods of moving off-line, use of cover and concealment.
You will become aware and alert, learning how to avoid threatening situations, and learn less-lethal escalation steps in stopping a threat.

To register for a class listed on our calendar you must complete an application.

Prices for the CCW classes are as follow:

In Person Class Costs are: $75.00 per Individual, $65.00 per Veteran and $140.00 per Couple

Online Virtual Training Classes are :$75.00 and Proficiency Test at the Range

GROUPS: Call for Pricing on Groups

NEW In Person Individual COMBO Deal: CCW Class and a standard membership for 1 month $99.00

NEW In Person Private CCW classes are available to help with our patrons ever changing schedules.

In Person Class Cost is: $175.00

  • Class can start as late as 1:00PM for a 1 day class (private class only)
  • Class can start as late as 5:00PM for a 2 day class (private class only)

The class is 8 hours but you do get 1 hour for lunch, so there is one hour added on for lunch.

  • Class STARTS at 10:00
  • Class BREAKS will consist of 2 breaks in the morning, 1 hour for LUNCH and 3 other breaks in the afternoon.
  • Class ENDS at 19:00

Things to Bring with you:

  • Pistol of your choice ( Semi-Auto or Revolver )
  • Two Magazine is preferred
  • Minimum of 50 Rounds ( Ball or Target Ammo )
  • Holster ( Out or Inside carry )
  • Ear Protection
  • Eye protection
  • Note Pad (if you would like to take note but not required)


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