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Conceal Carry Online Class and Proficiency Test

This purchase gives you the access to a educational online test only, you will need to schedule a proficiency and firearm handling test at our range to get you certificate.

We will send you a code once you have purchased the class to take the online test.

Scheduling of the proficiency you will have to contact the range.

Proficiency Test:

You will have the ability to name, explain and demonstrate the rules for safe handling and storage of a firearm and ammunition.
You will have the ability to demonstrate grip, stance, and target acquisition.
You will demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to protect yourself and your family.
We will give strong opinions based on our law enforcement and former training experiences.
We will cover firearm types, caliber choices, ammunition choices, and carry methods.
We also show methods of moving off-line, use of cover and concealment.
You will become aware and alert, learning how to avoid threatening situations, and learn less-lethal escalation steps in stopping a threat.

Things to Bring with you:

  1. Pistol of your choice ( Semi-Auto or Revolver )
  2. Two Magazine is preferred but not required
  3. Minimum of 50-100 Rounds ( Ball or Target Ammo
  4. Ear Protection
  5. Eye protection
  6. Note Pad (if you would like to take note but not required)

Ohio Application Checklist:

These instructions apply to both first-time applications and renewals.

1. Read the Attorney General’s manual on Ohio’s concealed carry laws. This publication outlines detailed information about Ohio’s Concealed Carry licensing program, including training and educational requirements, the application process, and the sheriff’s criteria for issuing your license. Take the time to read this publication carefully cover-to-cover.

2. While reading the Attorney General’s manual, pay particular attention to who can or cannot qualify for a Ohio Concealed Handgun License.

  • You must be legally living in the United States and a resident of Ohio (or employed in Ohio).
  • You must be at least 21 years of age.
  • You must not be an unlawful user of, or addicted to any controlled substance.
  • You must not be a fugitive from justice.
  • You must not be prohibited by federal law from possessing a firearm.
  • You must be able to pass a “NICS” criminal background check.

This is not a complete list. Again, read the Attorney General’s manual carefully.

NOTE ON MEDICAL MARIJUANA: While Ohio has legalized medical marijuana, federal law still considers the use or possession of marijuana illegal for ANY purpose. Therefore, if you use medical marijuana, you may be in violation of federal law which would disqualify you from getting a Concealed Handgun License or even possessing a firearm. Read this article.

3. Complete the required training to obtain your Certificate of Competency.

  • In general, you will need a physical certificate of completion of a firearms safety course or equivalent experience. Refer to the Attorney General’s manual for training that qualifies. Note: Your concealed handgun license will be proof of training when you renew your license.
  • You may also present documentation that shows you are an active or reserve member of the armed forces, have retired from, or were honorably discharged, or are a retired highway patrol trooper, or are a retired peace officer or federal law enforcement officer and, through the position, acquired experience with handguns or other firearms that is equivalent to the minimum educational requirements.

4. Locate the sheriff’s office in your county (or an adjacent county) and pick up an application for an Ohio Concealed Handgun License. OR go to the sheriff’s or Attorney General’s website and download the application.

NOTE: Do NOT bring a firearm with you when picking up your application.

5. Have a passport-sized (2″ x 2″) color photo taken within 30 days of your application date. You may get a passport-sized photo at many photo shops, drug stores, groceries, and similar businesses that handle photo development. Most sheriff departments will also accept a good quality color photo taken with a digital camera and printed on a color printer.

NOTE: Not all sheriffs need a photo. Ask before spending money on this.

6. Call the sheriff’s office, or use a scheduling tool on the sheriff’s website, to make an appointment and apply for your license. Most sheriffs will NOT allow walk-ins to apply.

7. Take your documents to the sheriff’s office on the scheduled day and time and apply for your license. As part of your application, you must:

  • Present your completed application, Certificate of Competency (or documentation of equivalent experience), and passport-sized color photo (if needed).
  • Present a valid photo I.D., such as your driver’s license.
  • Submit to having your fingerprints electronically scanned or inked and rolled onto a card.
  • Pass a criminal background check.
  • Attest that you have read the Attorney General’s pamphlet on Ohio’s concealed carry laws.
  • Pay a non-refundable fee of at least $67 for a first-time application. Renewals may be less expensive. Check with the sheriff’s office for forms of payment accepted.
  • Make sure you review the specific instructions from the sheriff’s office for any additional instructions.


  • Do NOT bring a firearm with you when applying for or picking up your license.
  • If you have ever been prohibited from having a weapon under ORC Section 2923.125, you must provide court documentation granting relief for disability.