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R/Wel109203/24/2021KP904/04/2021 - Had to reorder sencil ( cost on us, just used )No
S/May775903/24/2021Mohawk 10 CNo
T/HUD2157903/22/202110-22 chargercleaned* ready for pick upYes
i/mar2505902/17/2021PT709No update from GunsmithNo
R/LIP2391502/13/2021sr403/1/21 - firearm evaluated 3/1/21 - retaining clip installed/ return spring adjusted 3/1/21 - test fired (PASS) total - $55.00 + TaxYes
t/adaNo Range Card01/17/2021bacr3/24/21 - firearm evaluatedNo
C/ZAP2023601/17/2021TP9-SFx2/8/21 - sights installed/ boresighted total - $45.00Yes
C/PAR2500401/15/202194No update from GunsmithNo
c/aufNo Range Card01/15/2021pro carry 22-26-21 - Dissasembled the frame and slide. Cleaned and blasted the frame, slide and small parts. 2-26-21 - Called to verify the color of the grip safety. (FDE or Flat Black) There was no answer, I left the information in a voicemail. 2-26-21 - Coating will be next. 3-17-21 - Called customer to verify color on barrel and grip safety (Grip safety is black and Barrel leave natural) 3-17-21 - I will look at some night sights and get back to customer with options. 3-17-21 - Ordered sights and main spring housing. 3-18-21 - Sprayed the frame and slide in FDE and cured. 3-23-21 - Sprayed the small parts and cured in Armour Black. 3-23-21 - Started process of fitting the slide to the frame and noticed a defect in the slide coating. 3-23-21 - We will be stripping and recoating the slide next. 3-23-21 - We are still waiting for parts to arrive. 3-25-21 - Blasted and degreased the slide. 3-25-21 - Sprayed and baked the slide. 3-25-21 - Reassembly will be next. 3-25-21 - All parts are accounted for.No