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Conceal Carry Online Class and Proficiency Test


Conceal Carry Online Class and Proficiency Test

This purchase gives you the access to a educational online test only, you will need to schedule a proficiency and firearm handling test at our range to get you certificate.

We will send you a code by the end of day or next day once you have the code simply take the training and the online test.

There are two portion to the online class, first the TRAINING and then the TEST, make sure you have done both. (Sometimes you have to get out after the training portion and then re-enter and you will then be in testing mode)

You must have over 90% or you will not be given your certificate and you will be charge $10.00 extra to redo the training and test.

Once you have achieved both the training and the test then simply give us a call to scheduling of the proficiency that is done at range.


Make sure you look for the ones that have the word PROFICIENCY

Classes times start at 10am or 12am depending on our instructors.

Appointments to get your application turned in, are one month out for Warren, Butler, Clermont and Hamilton. Do not wait call to get you appoint right away.

Proficiency Test:

You will have the ability to name, explain and demonstrate the rules for safe handling and storage of a firearm and ammunition.
You will have the ability to demonstrate grip, stance, and target acquisition.
You will demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to protect yourself and your family.
We will give strong opinions based on our law enforcement and former training experiences.
We will cover firearm types, caliber choices, ammunition choices, and carry methods.
We also show methods of moving off-line, use of cover and concealment.
You will become aware and alert, learning how to avoid threatening situations, and learn less-lethal escalation steps in stopping a threat.

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