First Time Shooter

FIRST TIME SHOOTER ONE ON ONE CLASS RESERVATION NOTE: Take this class before you take your CCW class and we will give you 10% off. Class duration 2 hours Which includes safety training and range time 2 HOUR CLASS: $75 per person for a one on one class ( single or couple class ), couples [...]

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TRAINING & CLASSES EVERYTHING FROM POLICE & SECURITY TRAINING , CCW CLASSES, INTRODUCTORY TRAINING, BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA AND YOUTH CLASSES Firearms training is an integral part to fully enjoying the shooting sports. While nearly anyone can attain reasonable proficiency with a firearm after minimal instruction, completing firearms-related courses can help you to shoot [...]

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Rossi .44 Lifter Arm Issue

Rossi .44 Mag Lifter Arm Issue We had a new Rossi .44 Mag come in; however, the charging lever wouldn't work. The cartridge would not load into the battery. We had to polish the lifter arm because it was rubbing onto the receiver. This means that the changing lever wouldn't lift. We started with a [...]

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