FIREARM RENTALS Try It Before You Buy It! You don't need to own a firearm to enjoy the range at the Hammer Down Range. Hammer Down Range has a wide selection of handguns, rifles and shotguns for rent. Whether you're looking to try out a few models before buying or just want to unload a [...]

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First Time Shooter

FIRST TIME SHOOTER ONE ON ONE CLASS RESERVATION NOTE: Take this class before you take your CCW class and we will give you 10% off. Class duration 2 hours Which includes safety training and range time 2 HOUR CLASS: $75 per person for a one on one class ( single or couple class ), couples [...]

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TRAINING & CLASSES EVERYTHING FROM POLICE & SECURITY TRAINING , CCW CLASSES, INTRODUCTORY TRAINING, BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA AND YOUTH CLASSES Firearms training is an integral part to fully enjoying the shooting sports. While nearly anyone can attain reasonable proficiency with a firearm after minimal instruction, completing firearms-related courses can help you to shoot [...]

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Cerakote Coating in Black Color

Cerakote Coating in Black Color Here is another cerakote aka cerakoting job that we preformed at our Loveland, OH location within the Cincinnati tri-state area. If you are thinking of doing you own Cerakote at home you have to make sure to do your prep work carefully. The prep work is the most important and time [...]

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Post 64 Winchester Receiver

Post 64 Winchester Receiver Onling Guns Gunsmith GunShop Bluing in Loveland, OH within the Cincinnati tri-state area. In the 1960's Winchester Model 94 was redesigned to for a more economical method of production. Redesigning the receivers were machined from a graphitic steel casting to reduce most of the costs. This new material would not accept [...]

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Suppressed Henry Rifle

Suppressed Henry Rifle Here at Onling Guns located in the greater Cincinnati area our gunsmith department took a Henry Rifle H001 and shortened the barrel then threaded it to 1/2" x 28 in order to add a Gemtech Outback II to make this rifle suppressed (silencer) The customer wanted to suppress the rife for shooting [...]

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Hot Versus Cold Bluing

Hot Versus Cold Bluing Bluing may be applied, for example, by immersing the steel parts of the gun to be blued in a solution of potassium nitrate, sodium hydroxide, and water heated to the boiling point. Similarly, stainless steel parts of the gun to be blued are immersed in a mixture of nitrates and chromates, [...]

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