City of Columbus Sues Ohio to Shred Constitutional Gun Rights

In a move that has sent shock waves across Ohio, the City of Columbus has decided to ignore more than a decade of legislation and litigation in order to file a lawsuit to shred the Constitution and erase ALL gun rights statewide. City of Columbus v. State of Ohio seeks to overturn ORC 9.68, a section [...]

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COMMON QUESTIONS / FAQs What is the largest caliber that you allow at the range? We allow up to .50 caliber handguns and rifles no larger than 308 (762×51) without range officer approval. How many lanes do you have? We have 20 shooting lanes that incorporate the latest advancements, equipment and technology in the [...]

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TRAINING & CLASSES EVERYTHING FROM POLICE & SECURITY TRAINING , CCW CLASSES, INTRODUCTORY TRAINING, BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA AND YOUTH CLASSES Firearms training is an integral part to fully enjoying the shooting sports. While nearly anyone can attain reasonable proficiency with a firearm after minimal instruction, completing firearms-related courses can help you to shoot [...]

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