GENERAL GUNSMITH LIST & PRICING At Hammer Down Range, we strive to give the best gunsmith service in the greater Cincinnati tri-state area. A clean, well-maintained gun is a safer gun. We offer a variety of firearms maintenance and gunsmith services, ranging from simple cleanings to elaborate machining work and restoration. GENERAL GUNSMITH REPAIRS [...]

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GUNSMITH ENGRAVING At Onling Guns, we offer electro etching engraving services. The machine can etch light of 3000ths of an inch to a heavier up to 10000ths of an inch on any kind of metal. We have the ability to engrave your department badge, names, logos, wildlife, etc. on your firearms. We cannot engrave copyrights unless [...]

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How to become a home based FFL Dealer

How to become a home based FFL Dealer Do you ever think about becoming a "Kitchen Table" a home based FFL dealer. Well yes it is and I have done it myself.... Requirements: You have to be more then 21 years of age If you are not prohibited from shipping, transporting, receiving or possessing firearms [...]

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