COMMON QUESTIONS / FAQs What is the largest caliber that you allow at the range? We allow up to .50 caliber handguns and rifles no larger than 308 (762×51) without range officer approval. How many lanes do you have? We have 20 shooting lanes that incorporate the latest advancements, equipment and technology in the [...]

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TRAINING & CLASSES EVERYTHING FROM POLICE & SECURITY TRAINING , CCW CLASSES, INTRODUCTORY TRAINING, BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA AND YOUTH CLASSES Firearms training is an integral part to fully enjoying the shooting sports. While nearly anyone can attain reasonable proficiency with a firearm after minimal instruction, completing firearms-related courses can help you to shoot [...]

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ATF 41F The last couple of years with the fight against ATF 41P. The rule was finalized and published in the Federal Register on the morning of (1/15/2016). The new ATF 41F brings many new changes to how this industry works, but here are the main things to keep in mind: Here is the full Ruling [...]

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Rossi .44 Lifter Arm Issue

Rossi .44 Mag Lifter Arm Issue We had a new Rossi .44 Mag come in; however, the charging lever wouldn't work. The cartridge would not load into the battery. We had to polish the lifter arm because it was rubbing onto the receiver. This means that the changing lever wouldn't lift. We started with a [...]

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Iver Johnson Top Break is Broken and Can’t be Fixed

Iver Johnson Top Break is Broken and Can't be Fixed Unfortunately, the lifter arm is broken on this Iver Johnson Top Breaker. With a lifter arm being broken, this won't allow the cylinder to rotate. We are not able to order a part for this specific gun at this time. Check us out, daily! We [...]

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Over Under Shotgun Porting

Over Under Shotgun Porting Our gunsmith decided to work on the barrels of the shotgun as a challenge, today. In order to work on the barrels of the shotgun, our gunsmith had to rotate them--along with the milling machine as well. The milling machine needed to be rotated at 30 degrees; whereas, the barrels needed [...]

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Fixed Barrel Lug

Fixed Barrel Lug We had barrel from a Star firearm with a broken lug. Our gunsmith re-welded and pinned the lug back on. Re-welding and pinning the lug back onto the barrel would ensure that the lug wouldn't break again. Below, are some images to show the broken lug on the barrel: Check us out, [...]

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Crackshot Lever Action Fix

Crackshot Lever Action Fix This Crackshot .22 LR had a loose lever. Unfortunately, this a significant problem if the gun cannot fire. Our gunsmith decided to take on the challenge, today. The first thing that was necessary to do was replace the piece that enabled the lever to remain steady. The gun was then tested [...]

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