Personal Trainer program

In the personal trainer program honing your shooting skill set is our focus, we work to create a training program based around the kind of shooter you want to be.

Every person will fill out the entrance and focus papers detailing what kind of shooting skills you would like to improve upon whether it be defensive shooting, tactical shooting, competitive shooting, or overall marksmanship. Here at Hammer Down Range we understand that every shooter is unique and has different needs. When first coming for the program the trainer will get a base line for what the desired outcome is through two steps, step one is the entrance papers and step two is shooting time where the trainer will be by your side the entire time to get a feel for the shooters experience and overall proficiency. Once we have collected sufficient data we can begin to tailor a program for the shooter.

The tailored program will include progress tracking, stats, shooting drills, and access to the trainer for 1 hour a week. We strive to have a positive impact on the shooting community and can think of no better service to offer then giving shooters the ability to further their marksmanship proficiency in any aspect.


$25.00 per session up to 4 sessions per month (Lane time is an additional $17.99 per appointment)

Members only pay $25.00 per session.

$100.00 for 4 sessions and will include one month of free standard membership when paid in full on the first appointment. (Total savings $71.96)

All training appointments must be scheduled at a minimum of 2 days in advance and are available Monday through Friday.