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K/ZAL2391211/15/2020JA 380No update from GunsmithNo
D/Lam821311/14/202034No update from GunsmithNo
L/SCH2394311/10/2020Pointer12-17 Customer called inquioring about how much longer it will take .1/9/21 Customer called inquiring how much longer it will take.No
s/mil2390711/07/2020derringerNo update from GunsmithNo
S/ROW2384311/02/2020trooper mk311/8/20 - new firing pin sourced/ awaiting delivery ( order # 46174) 11/16/20 - recieved wrong part from numerich, ordered new partYes
d/seb2384710/31/20201711/05/2020 - Sigths were not correct for the glock 17 11/05/2020 - Ordered for the store and customer, put gun back in range if customer cannot wait until they come in.No
M/Smi2376710/29/202087012/4/20 - parts ordered # 46952910No
j/kro2373510/28/2020lever action 22No update from GunsmithNo
J/Ste581410/25/2020GunsmithingNo update from GunsmithNo
T/WEB2356310/19/20202411/16/20 - new sight/ elevator installed 11/16/20 - zeroed total - $80.00 + taxYes