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J/Har2102106/14/2020129/23/20 - barrel cut to 18.25" 9/23/20 - buttstock modified 9/23/20 - screw out of stock from supplier. modified screw to fit 9/25/20 - Labor $150.00 + Tax Yes
T/Par247906/02/202093R17No update from GunsmithNo
R/Fer1180805/28/2020Auto 56/12/20 - firearm evaluated 6/12/20 - firearm test fired (PASS) 6/12/20 - firearm lubricated labor - 22.50 test fire - 4.99 total - $27.49 + taxYes
M/Wol1866305/26/202070 XTR06/16/2020 - Getting ready to be worked on 06/22/2020 - Place the safety back but the issue is tha the lug/sear seem to have been filled down to lighten the trigger pull, called customer and VM to call back. 7/15/20 - replacement firing pin needs machined for retaining screw, spring needs trimmed to appropriate lengthNo
R/Mob2054405/25/2020Gov't6/3/20 - contacted Henry for parts replacement. Spoke with Maria at thier call center. Due to covid 19 concerns Henry"s customer service and repair division is closed until further notice. Henry will be sending email instructions on how to proceed with part replacement 8/28/20 - part need to be replaced at factory. shipped to HRANo
D/Hau314605/19/2020715T7/18/20 - firearm evaluated 7/18/20 - charging handle needs replaced or modified. attemting to source part before proceeding with modificationNo
R/Bis2030305/11/2020TA 3805/15/2020 - Ordered 2 firing pin springs @7.99 each but 8 weeks or less on deliveryNo
c/ada474704/26/2020upperNo update from GunsmithNo
I/Nel1968503/17/2020GunsmithingNo update from GunsmithNo
c/jul1951903/09/2020191104/04/2020 - Test fired and posished feed ramp 04/04/2020 - $4.99 + $22.50No