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D/PFE2417611/27/202017No update from GunsmithNo
J/STA2408211/18/2020Single Barrel3/21/21 - *No
2406111/18/202073539No update from GunsmithNo
g/tur2407111/16/2020m190No update from GunsmithNo
j/van2407011/16/202012003/21/21 - work delayed due to blueing system issuesNo
b/bar2284610/17/2020GunsmithingNo update from GunsmithYes
E/Lod1559410/14/2020HO12AW3/21/21 - *No
N/CAR2334210/07/2020191111/25/2020 - called customer inquired about budget for re-nickle, going to be $350-$500 to re-nickle. can cerakote a nickle finish for $200-$250 02/15/2021 - Still did not hear back from customer No
K/Wag2119806/21/2020Fire Storm7/15/20 - firearm evaluated 7/15/20 - firearm disassembled * rust damage is cosmetic. firearm functions safely and properly. contacting customer on how to procede* 7/15/20 - firearm cleaned and lubed total - 45.00 + taxYes