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R/Wil2441512/08/2020920012/19/20 - firearm evaluated/ buffer assembly failure caused malfunction. sourcing partNo
R/Uec298712/08/2020Judge12/15/20 - revolver inspected/ function tested (PASS) 12/15/20 - test fired (PASS) * ammuntion must be type and specifications from manufacturer* total - $32.00 + taxYes
J/JON2268912/06/202051No update from GunsmithNo
J/All257212/05/2020us carbineNo update from GunsmithNo
J/Sch1238112/05/2020muzzle loaderNo update from GunsmithNo
J/RieNo Range Card12/05/202037A Youth 41012/29/20 - fit replacement part total - 32.50 + taxYes
J/Szt1713612/05/2020PPQNo update from GunsmithNo
A/Dan158412/05/202017No update from GunsmithNo
J/RieNo Range Card12/05/2020us carbine12/29/20 - disassembly/ visiual inspection (PASS) 12/29/20 - function /tested test fire (PASS) total - $32.50 + taxYes
R/LIP2391512/05/20208R40No update from GunsmithNo