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O/KIL2290009/11/2020PA-15No update from GunsmithNo
M/Mch2290409/11/2020Sub 2000Put Feed ramp and Trigger work 9-25-2020 - labor $60Yes
g/neu2311709/10/202099509/22/2020 - Function and saftey checked, cleaned and Test Fired 09/22/2020 - Labor $22.50 + TAX - Test Fire $4.99 + TAXYes
D/Loh2096409/09/2020P38No update from GunsmithNo
K/KEL2286809/08/2020mp ez 380swaped mag release from right to left hand 22.50$ No
m/mul2286409/08/2020shield EZNo update from GunsmithNo
T/Zim1053209/08/2020ModelNo update from GunsmithNo
b/bar2284609/07/2020uplander09/22/2020 - Field stripped and detalied cleaning. Rust removed from reciever and top rail. rust removal on top rail caused the bluing to be stripped in the process. Can be cold blued for additional cost. 09/22/2020 Labor $33.75 + TAXYes
b/bar2284609/07/202060 SB09/22/2020 - field striped and detailed clean 09/22/2020 - Labor $33.75 + TAXYes
b/bar2284609/07/2020ctg09/10/2020 - detailed cleaning on S&W CTG 09/10/2020 - Labor $22.50+ TAXYes