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R/RanNo Barcode11/16/201812Waiting on more bluing jobs. Nothing else completed.No
J/Hig793911/15/2018PPSsights installed, cust. called left message. 11-16-2018Yes
Z/Cam794711/13/2018870finished gun scope interfearing with action removed wood from fore stockYes
S/Ale588811/08/20181911barrel link frozen trying to free it upNo
D/Kil850611/08/20181911firing pin missing tip looking for new pinNo
D/Lan100111/08/2018HP22ANotes Not AvailableNo
D/Lan100111/08/2018PPKNotes Not AvailableNo
N/Sta578011/06/201817installed sights cust. calledYes
E/Dou267411/06/2018Mark IIIrough finsh work would not allow assembly without a hammer opened up mounting hardware.Yes