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J/Moo376312/01/201810Not yet startedNo
S/StaNo Barcode11/29/2018NMNNot yet startedNo
D/AllNo Barcode11/29/2018hawkinsCustomer picked up to take elsewhere for taking too long.No
S/Sma579611/28/2018AM-15called no answerd, hand gaurd screws heads are stripped 12/15/18 - Installed long gastub, crush washer and test fired.Yes
J/MelNo Barcode11/26/2018SLR1015Not yet startedNo
J/Wal398111/25/201810/22Not yet startedYes
E/GroNo Barcode11/24/20181400Not yet startedNo
D/Erv373511/24/2018USNot yet started.No
R/Col857111/23/2018precision11/25/18- completed ready for pickup $20 dueYes
B/Ros483811/23/2018G2211/25/18- completed $20 dueYes