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W/HenNo Barcode12/11/2018No60Notes Not AvailableNo
J/TeuNo Barcode12/10/2018AmericanCompleted 12/12/2018 - $35 +tax zeroed to 100 yardsYes
J/TeuNo Barcode12/10/2018MK3completed 12/12/2018 $15 due on pickupYes
D/Bur290612/07/2018BLack label12/26/18 Cleaned and test firedYes
P/AdlNo Barcode12/07/2018bodyguard01/08/2018 - Called Smith and they are sending the part for free withing the next 5-10 days.No
U/JonNo Barcode12/06/20181300 DefenderNotes Not AvailableNo
U/JonNo Barcode12/06/2018Ultra 87Notes Not AvailableNo
J/TeuNo Barcode12/04/2018716Completed 12/6/18 $20+tax due on pickupYes
J/TeuNo Barcode12/03/2018MP 10/22Completed 12/12/2018 $20 +tax due Yes
D/StiNo Barcode12/01/2018G20Completed 12/6/18 $20 +tax due on pickupYes