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B/KasNo Range Card01/25/2018999needs new style sear 04/11/19 - Parts not avalible, producing tooling to complete.No
M/DelNo Range Card01/13/2018M1004/11/19 - Hammer down range ownes this firearm. was bought by Wayne middle of 2018.No
G/BieNo Range Card06/09/20173704/11/19 - Unknown, is this already disposed?No
G/BieNo Range Card06/09/201737No update from GunsmithNo
K/LynNo Range Card02/01/2017Superiorcust picked up came backYes
J/Dav168312/01/201545nice gun in case 3/23/19 - gun has been here for ever no parts to fixYes
T/Bro102209/13/2013mp5KCharging Handle fixedYes