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t/mak194912/30/2018P120No update from GunsmithNo
J/RetNo Range Card12/28/2018732No update from GunsmithNo
A/ReeNo Range Card12/27/2018phoenix arms12/28/18 - Ordered Parts 01/03/19 - Slide is backorderNo
P/AdlNo Range Card12/07/2018bodyguard01/08/2018 - Called Smith and they are sending the part for free withing the next 5-10 days.No
J/MelNo Range Card11/26/2018SLR1015Completed 1/29/19- $40+ taxYes
J/Str397811/21/2018zella mehlisNothing started yet.No
K/MarNo Range Card09/23/20187,65parts here- spring needs trimmed, figure out why it continues to lock up Trigger bar spring ordered 2/23/19No
W/Cam552206/29/2018FNS9cinstalled saftey made missing spring & ballYes
M/WasNo Range Card05/05/2018Top BreakNo update from GunsmithNo
t/mak194904/12/201819NR1No update from GunsmithNo