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L/WitNo Range Card03/02/201910/22No update from GunsmithNo
J/WalNo Range Card02/25/2019638No update from GunsmithNo
H/Ohn757402/21/2019700No update from GunsmithNo
B/Mor533502/15/20191897No update from GunsmithNo
C/Rom828002/10/2019LCPNo update from GunsmithNo
A/Meh958402/09/2019SLR107FRcerakote ordered 2/23/19No
T/CauNo Range Card02/07/20191894this is a 1894 .needs new carrier rocker. 3/17/19 - This is not in stock waiting to order part when available or may have to machine a new one Steve Called 3-20 Left voicemail for customer - WillNo
T/CraNo Range Card01/26/201942BNo update from GunsmithNo
M/Bru154901/13/2019LCR2/2/19 - Sent to Ruger 3/13/19 - Got Back and not fixed have to send back 3/23/19 - Steve looking at it before sending it backNo
J/GeiNo Range Card01/02/2019Mini 14No update from GunsmithNo