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E/FreNo Range Card05/06/2019TRR15No update from GunsmithNo
T/Led1044105/04/20199E05/22/19 - complete $14.99 +Tak 05/22/19 - problem with ammo, ran 50 round of federal with no problems.Yes
T/Due368704/29/2019DVC sti05/19/19 - nothing done customer picked up.Yes
M/LeiNo Range Card04/24/2019renegadeNo update from GunsmithNo
E/KieNo Range Card04/19/201919No update from GunsmithNo
H/MeiNo Range Card04/15/201995004/15/19 - In disassembely and assessment. 04/19/19 - looking for new piring pin, that may improve reliability and decrease or eliminate intermitant FTF's.No
C/Sch560204/08/20194304/11/19 - In disassmbly and assessent.No
S/WilNo Range Card04/05/2019M72004/11/19 - Looking for front sight and or DIMS to make one. 04/19/19 - may need to buy new barrel if it comes with sight call in numrick 4/22.No
J/LibNo Range Card04/04/20193504/11/19 - Only one grip panel left with us, missing grip bushings call customer to have him advise us what he wonts done.No
P/Bau822804/01/201994H04/11/19 - In disassembly & assessment 05/17/19 - completed Yes