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W/WhiNo Barcode01/08/2019M&P 901/14/19 - Mounted RMR on 1/2hrYes
S/Car176901/08/201932Notes Not AvailableNo
J/Ada449201/07/2019Shield01/14/19 - Replaced battery set scre back in placeYes
S/Car499901/07/2019590301/14/19 - Needs new extractor and magazine. Magazine - 29.99 + tax Extractor - 39.99 + taxNo
B/Nas920201/06/2019AK47S01/14/19 - Test fired and did not double feedYes
D/Hum900001/06/201960501/14/19 - Reassembled and placed loctite on yoke screwYes
J/Wal398101/05/201927Notes Not AvailableNo
P/ChrNo Barcode01/04/2019P3001/14/2019 - Need to call or send back to HK to unjam before we have to cut and replace spring.No
M/Joh762401/04/2019SKSNotes Not AvailableNo
R/Smi299401/03/2019P238Notes Not AvailableNo