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S/BonNo Barcode10/08/2018442Notes Not AvailableNo
T/Rut691210/06/2018m&p 9Notes Not AvailableNo
T/Rut691210/06/20181911Notes Not AvailableNo
K/Dun656310/05/2018Sheildops ck's goodYes
T/DavNo Barcode10/02/2018sport kinglooks good cust very happy left giftYes
S/Gla134009/29/2018g19replacd extractorYes
T/Jam556809/29/2018PA-15cust happyYes
K/MarNo Barcode09/23/20187,65parts here- spring needs trimmed, figure out why it continues to lock upNo
D/Hen126809/21/2018SR22ordered firing pin from ruger install firing pin doneYes
S/Div820409/21/2018sheildadj. bouth front & rear sights on m&p shot to ckYes