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J/BerNo Barcode10/25/2018H010removed forestock & tube from rec tube was bent at rec strightened tube and reinstall 3/4 hourYes
J/Wil200210/20/20181895GBLinstall sights bore scope sightYes
M/ClaNo Barcode10/20/201822811/13/18 - Function Checked, test fired, Oiled and Balastalled for Storage Need to sell a can to customer for pre-lube again before storage.Yes
M/ClaNo Barcode10/20/2018GEM 98Completed 12/12/2018 50.50 +tax on pickupYes
M/ClaNo Barcode10/20/2018unknownCleanedYes
M/ClaNo Barcode10/20/2018unknownFinished.. Cleaned and fully functioning.Yes
J/Wil200210/20/20181895GLBbore sight install partsYes
T/Per692710/20/2018SBE11on benchYes
T/Per692710/20/201811187 spon benchYes
W/Cam552210/18/201819Notes Not AvailableNo