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T/GroNo Barcode11/06/201826 cleaned gun will offer to lazer sight rear sight set screw loseYes
T/Poo473911/03/201824/7 G2cust picked up gunYes
R/Fos428211/02/201875 BD police11/26/18- completed $197.76 dueYes
J/Hen135011/02/2018SR9cinstalled cust. sights bore sighted with lazer gun very dryYes
J/Hen135011/02/2018SR9cNotes Not AvailableNo
G/Nau607711/01/2018ss youthNotes Not AvailableNo
J/BauNo Barcode11/01/2018M2022 installed rail for red dot or scope finished cust. calledYes
G/Nau607710/31/2018ssNotes Not AvailableNo
A/Rob603710/25/201815reset barrel gapYes