At Hammer Down Range we strive to offer the best gunsmith service in the greater Cincinnati Tri-State area. Whether you’re a high-volume shooter or an occasional visitor, you’ll want to make sure that the maintenance and functionality of your Firearm is foremost in your mind. We believe that a clean and well maintained gun is the safest gun. We offer a wide variety of maintenance and Gunsmithing services, ranging from simple cleanings to elaborate machining work and restoration.


The AR is most popular modern sporting rifle platform on the market today and can be highly customized to meet the needs of any shooter. If you own an AR-style rifle and are looking to swap out furniture like the butt-stock, fore-end, pistol grip, sights or sling mounts, we can help!

Our expert gunsmiths will be able to outfit your AR with all of the custom accessories you desire and help turn your rifle into a one of a kind firearm. If you’re looking for a full-build for your AR rifle, we’ll be able to accommodate just about any request – from mild to wild!


  • Sight Installations – We’ll install new sights that can help you achieve a better sight picture and more accurate results.
  • Shotgun Builds – Whether you’re looking to create the ultimate tactical shotgun or simply want to outfit your hunting gun, we’ll build the perfect shotgun for your needs.
  • Trigger Installations – Leave this intricate job to us and we’ll deliver a trigger installation/modification that will squeeze every ounce of accuracy out of your weapon.
  • Stock Installation – From the latest in tactical carbine stocks to classic polished wood rifle stocks, we’ll properly fit and install the perfect stock for your gun.
  • Restoration – From bluing, Cerekoting and Parkerizing your firearms we can do it.


  • Shop Charges
    • Hourly Rate – $45.00
      • Welding, Milling & Lathe work at same rate
    • Minimum Charge – $12.00


  • Basic Cleaning
    • Including appropriate lubrication/oiling of moving parts and a complete safety check – $12
  • Ultra sonic Cleaning
    • A more thorough tear-down of your pistol or long gun. This is the perfect option for those who want an absolutely spotless gun – $35


  • Bore sight
    • 25 yard
  • Rifle
    • Drill Tap for scope mount
  • Shotgun
    • Drill Tap for scope mount
  • Pistol
    • Sight installation
  • Revolver
    • Chamber Crowning
  • Trigger Installations
    • Pistol and Rifle

Whether you’re looking for a simple cleaning of your firearms, customization done to your firearms or if you desire a full-out AR build, the professional gunsmiths at Hammer Down Range are ready to help!


At Hammer Down Range we offer electro etching engraving services. The machine can etch light of 3000ths of an inch to a heavier up to 10000ths of an inch on any kind of metal.

We have the ability to engrave your department badge, names, logos, wildlife, etc. on your firearms. We cannot engrave copyrights unless we have prior approval from the manufacturer.

  • Stencils
    • Must supply artwork – $45.00 to $65.00
  • Etching
    • Rate – $35.00
      • Once you have purchased your stencil we can reuse it over and over on different firearms


At Onling Guns we offer cerakoting service. Cerakote out-performs any competitive gun coating in both laboratory settings and real world applications. We not only Cerakote guns but can do many other things from golf clubs, stainless steel mugs and more.


  • Excellent wear resistance and corrosion
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Maximum adhesion and hardness
  • Easy application
  • Color
    • Come in to choose your color
    • We have some in stock for smaller jobs
  • Rate
    • The cost will depend on the job
    • We can combine your job with others if you’re not in a hurry to reduce your cost.


At Hammer Down Range, we offer bluing services for both steel and stainless.

  • Prices listed are for complete firearms, including bases, rings and sling swivel studs.  Costs for refinishing individual parts can be provided at your request.  Minimum charge is $25.
  • Return shipping with insurance and sales tax are additional.
  • Prices are reduced as metal prep-time is reduced, except for dip only.
  • DIP Only
    • Your prep your parts will dip them for you – $95.00
  • Rifles, Pistols and Revolvers
    • Pricing is based on the job but ranges from $125.00 to $500.00


At Hammer Down Range, we offer barrel threading services. We can do imperial or metric threads.

  • 1/2 -28
    • Minimum charge is $45.00 to $175.00
  • 9/16-24
    • Minimum charge is $45.00 to $175.00
  • 5/8-24
    • Minimum charge is $45.00 to $175.00
  • M12 x 1
    • Minimum charge is $45.00 to $175.00
  • M14 x 1
    • Minimum charge is $45.00 to $175.00

*Note: Call for other sizes


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