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Defensive handgun 1

In this class we further train individuals in the Skills, Knowledge, and attitude necessary to act in the defense of yourself or your loved ones.

The course is six (6) hours broken in to (2) hours classroom and (4) hours range.

We will teach you Threat identification.

We will teach you how to plan Threat engagement.

We will teach you how to draw and present your firearm in a fast safe manner.

We will teach you about retreat and approach tactics.

We will teach you about identifying and utilizing cover & concealment

We will teach you different firearm manipulations.

Class Sizes are limited to 10 people so that we can maintain a personal training experience and maximize learning potential.

For class dates and times please call us at 513-239-7471 or email thomas.maksymowski@hammerdownrange.com

Prices for this class are as follow:

Costs are: $75.00 per Individual, $65.00 per Veteran and $140.00 per Couple

NEW Individual COMBO Deal: CCW Class and Defensive handgun 1 for $130.00

  • Class STARTS at 10:00

Things to Bring with you:

  1. Pistol of your choice ( Semi-Auto or Revolver )
  2. Three Magazine is preferred
  3. Minimum of 300 Rounds ( Ball or Target Ammo )
  4. Outside the waistband holster for your firearm
  5. Magazine pout is preferred
  6. Ear Protection
  7. Eye protection