GUNSMITH BLUING At Onling Guns, we offer bluing services for both steel and stainless. Prices listed are for complete firearms, including bases, rings and sling swivel studs.  Costs for refinishing individual parts can be provided at your request.  Minimum charge is $25. Return shipping with insurance and sales tax are additional. Prices are reduced as metal [...]

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ATI AR-15 Gas Port Fix

We recently got a AR-15 from ATI in our shop which had the gas port mis-alined with the blow back hole on the barrel. the rifle would not cycle so we adjusted the A-Frame and milled and shaved off some metal to re-aline the hole from the A-Frame to the barrel. Check us out, daily! [...]

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Colt Barrel Do Nots

This is what not to do with a colt barrel, please do not let your friends/friends fix you guns bring it to a real gunsmith... The customer came in and said that it would not feed. This gun was a compact barrel so we ordered a 5.375 barrel and then cut to size on our lathe [...]

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